Skiers spend Valentine’s Day with their sweethearts on the slopes

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If giving your sweetheart chocolates isn’t your forte, what about a lift on the ski slopes?  The recent weather conditions made for a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day outside.  It was quite windy at Ski Roundtop and snow could be seen for miles away.  But with some added layers on, many spent the day with a glove-covered hand to hold onto, and a ski pass!

There’s a rush of romance in the air.  Frank DeLia and his wife Bridget have been married 40 years.  For the first time, they’re spending Valentine’s Day on the slopes.

Bridget says, “It means a lot to to spend time together alone and doing something we both really enjoy.”

Frank says, “We’ve enjoyed skiing together and it’s one thing we do, we have in common and anytime we get a chance we try to get out together.”

Thanks to Thursday’s snow storm, the mood is just right.

Frank says, “We got dumped on yesterday so we knew it would be fantastic conditions and it’s local and doesn’t take us long to get here.”

Chris Rudding is the Marketing Director at Ski Roundtop.  He says, “When you get that much snow people get really excited to go out and do something with it.  We have such a good base, the snow on top made it wonderful.”

Rudding says there’s up to five feet of snow on the hill.  The most they’ve seen in years.

Frank also gave Bridget chocolate covered strawberries and roses yesterday.

And it’s never too late to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Ski Roundtop is open this weekend and Monday for President’s Day.