Shocking Video: Teen shooting victim rescued in Carlisle

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Police continue to look for the suspects who fired shots on Pomfret St in Carlisle Thursday, hitting a teenage girl.

When Jay Ewideh, owner of the Carlisle store Buzz Express, realized a shooting happened on his street Thursday, he rushed outside to help.

The victim was a 16-year-old girl, and a regular customer of his. She was on her way to the store with her sister.

Ewideh brought the victim and her sister back to his store, where a surveillance camera picked up the frightening scene as her sister pulled her shirt off to press it on the victim’s bullet wounds.

“First she couldn’t talk, she’s just screaming and panicking,” says Ewideh. He is seen on the phone with 911 until paramedics arrive.

The bullet grazed the girl’s head and she was bleeding. She was realeased from the hospital. She came back to the store Saturday to thank Ewideh.

“She’s doing ok,” he says. But he adds, “It was really traumatic.”

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