Passwords will be obsolete if Google has its way

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If Google gets its way, online passwords will be a thing of the past.  The internet giant recently bought a security startup and is currently working to develop technology that would allow you to access a secure website with your mobile device.

Here’s how it works:

You hold your cell phone up to a computer to listen to the website’s ultra-sonic sound.  This inaudible sound is encrypted with data and the unique confirmation is heard by your phone and then sent back to the servers and wala you’re in!

Because you are the owner of the device it knows that it is you trying to access the site and a not a hacker!

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  • rose

    … sent back to the servers and wala you’re in!

    Who the heck is responsible for editing these articles? Wala is not the word you're looking for (heck, it's not even a real world even if it is a place); it's spelled voila! It's sad that those who should be educated in how to spell and properly use vocabulary aren't.

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