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Lancaster potholes cause headaches for drivers

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  The severe weather we’ve had causing pothole problems across the area. If you’ve driven through Lancaster you’ve experienced this first hand.  C&W Imports is an auto shop that is seeing a  lot of people with cars damaged from the potholes.

“ It’s wearing out suspension, shocks, and a lot of alignment problems because of the ice and potholes in the street,” said Ronald Comfort, C&W Imports

Lancaster’s Public Works Director says  they normally have a pothole crew but, they’re on snow removal and will be for the rest of the week. She says this weather is stretching the city’s resources and budget.

“A lot of icing creates a lot of pot holes and the amount of traffic we have and the severe weather has created a lot of potholes, “ said  Charlotte Katzenmoyer, Director of Public Works for the City of Lancaster

Katzenmoyer says they plan to get to work on repairing these potholes next week. And that they are going to have to dip into their street paving funds to get the job done.

Comfort says there are some things you can do other than avoid the potholes to prevent damage to your car.

“ The best thing to do is keep your car well maintained and tires inflated properly and drive slow,” said Comfort


  • GimmeABreak

    This is exactly why I will NOT buy a high dollar vehicle even though I can afford one. Financially vehicles lose money and then you can't keep them nice, etc. due to the poor conditions of the road. Besides I do not need a BMW, Mercedes or Cadillac to feel like I've succeeded.

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