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Paying the penalty? Exemptions for the Affordable Care Act

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
The deadline to sign up for individual health insurance is March 31st, and if you don’t have it by then, the government will impose a penalty fee.

The fee is $95 per adult– or 1% or your annual income– whichever is higher. It will be taken out of your 2014 tax return.

Family First Health in York alone has fielded hundreds of questions about avoiding the penalty. Some low-income clients have been disappointed to find out they can’t afford coverage under the Affordable Care Act.”It’s terrifying because I know that I have health problems and I can’t afford to go take care of them,” says Holly Weir, a Spring Grove, York County resident. “I’m going to be financially penalized if I don’t sign up, but yet I can’t afford to sign up.”
She lost her job at a grocery store last year, so she’s now collecting unemployment benefits. Pennsylvania did not renew its Medicaid program, so that puts her into a coverage gap.
“A lot of people have said, ‘Well, I will take the penalty,'” says patient navigator Arlene Feliciano. “But they don’t realize that it’s going to go up.”
There are several hardship exemptions you can claim. Weir qualifies for the lower-income, “unaffordable” exemption. Some apply to victims of domestic violence, or those who paid to care for an elderly or sick relative. A full list can be found here.
But the details of the exemptions aren’t clear, even to the patient navigators.
“Unaffordability, when their income does not allow them to afford healthcare insurance through the marketplace,” says Feliciano says of Weir’s eligible exemption. Of other exemptions, she says, “We don’t know much about it how they’re going to determine the hardship, and how much money you’ve spent or if you can afford it or not we are not sure how that’s going to, how they’re going to determine that yet.”
Weir chose not to file for the exemption. She’s felt the sting of going without healthcare– after a recent ER visit cost her $10,000 for one night. She hopes for help from family to pay the insurance premiums.
“I need healthcare coverage, I need to be protected, I’m getting older things are going to fall apart,” says Weir. “And I need the healthcare and the system as its set up now, doesn’t help me, I fall between the cracks.”


  • Sidney

    If you are forced to pay a fee by the government than that would be a TAX. Being forced to purchase health insurance from 4 plans mandated by the government is not freedom, it is tyranny. These plans are technically better in most cases because they cover more, but does a man really need to pay for maternity care for himself, or have coverage for a hysterectomy? This is why most people cannot afford these plans, they include things you probably do not need need and carry very high deductibles. I understand you need to post the news but please tell it like it is. Truth is needed here.

  • Steve

    This is socialism. People shouldn't be forced to buy something they can't afford but we have an idiot as president who thinks it oughta be that way. Things probably will get worse until the people of this country get so fed up and say "enough" and we stop allowing it. The government is supposed to work to help us, not burden us. Frankly I wish there were a way to impeach Obama.
    The best solution to avoid this tyranny is to either move to a more affordable state maybe or become a resident of another country. 43 presidents=10 trillion debt. 1 president=7 trillion debt…I think you get the picture of the real problem.

  • Ghostwtr

    You are paying for the care of the uninsured one way or another. By your reasoning, once my car is paid off, I shouldn't be forced to buy care insurance. Once my kids are out of school why do I have to pay a school tax. The insurance gap this lady falls into is the direct result of our Governor playing politics. If this President had not put the stimulus in place you would have been looking at plus 15 percent unemployment, a depression that would have made the Great Depression look like a picnic and we'd have no American auto industry. Tell me what you would have done different if you were elected President after Bush?

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