Snow removal in York

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The city of York is taking steps to remove the large amounts of snow that has piled up in the past few weeks.

The city spent the night hauling away snow in hopes that it can make the roads clearer and more easily passable.

A mound of snow piles high off of Beaver street — it’s where the city has dumped all the excess snow it has removed from the streets.

The mayor of York, Kim Bracey, is asking people to be patient and move their cars so they can continue this process the rest of the week.

It has been 4 years since the city has had to do this…and snow removal isn’t cheap.

The entire process will come at cost to the city, somewhere between 10 and 15 thousand dollars.

“It will definitely our liquid fuels budget which is what we use for street maintenance so we’ll have to take a look at it when we get to the end of the winter and see if we need to cut back on some street maintenance this summer,” says James Gross, the city’s Public Works director.

The city’s snow removal operations began at 7 on Monday night and continued overnight until 7 Tuesday morning.

And the city will continue this process as needed.

Tonight traffic will be restricted on Market Street between Duke and Pine Street beginning at 7 o’clock.

But the city’s Public Works director is hoping the warmth will do most of the work.

“Sounds like temperatures are finally going to come up for once and we’ll see where we stand at the end of the week,” says Gross.

Gross says residents are the only ones sick of the show — he’s hoping this week is the last time the city will have to organize removal this winter.

“I’m very tired of it – I probably worked close to somewhere between 70 and 80 hours last week and here we go again!” says Gross.

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  • MyTakeOnIt

    Is this too late or too early? Temps above freezing nonstop through Sunday.

    Need money? Sell the chairs in the spots.

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