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Chicago band hopes to make a name for themselves at Harrisburg music conference

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The band Phosphene drove 12 hours from Chicago to Harrisburg. They’ve been playing together for about a year and they’re all friends, but drummer Andrew Cantore said it can sometimes complicate things.

“It’s harder because it’s a relationship with five people instead of just one. So in a relationship if you’re with somebody and they don’t want to do something you compromise. Now you have to compromise with five people” said Cantore.

Phosphene is one of roughly 300 bands that are playing in Harrisburg this weekend as part of the Millennium Music Conference. They’re looking forward to learning from fellow bands and music executives.

“Besides the shows you have to worry about advertising. Where do you want to advertise? Are you going to advertise on Google? On Myspace? On Facebook? This is a great opportunity to actually figure out how to do it yourself. How to market yourself, how to book better shows” said lead singer Jeni Leigh.

This weekend will be an opportunity for them to get advice, get answers and get noticed. If you would like to see what other bands are performing at the 18th annual Millennium Music Conference click here.