Cyber school students start summer vacation on time

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Snow days for most students will translate into a later end to the school year.  But there are some students who will begin summer vacation as previously scheduled.

Cyber students at York City School District aren’t required to make up snow days in the classroom because they never took time off in the first place.

Aisha Beatty-White is a teacher’s aide with the York City School District.  Her daughter, Diavian, is in ninth grade at William Penn.  And she takes her courses online.

Aisha says, “Being easily distracted, I thought it would be best for her to work independently at home.”

The district’s cyber option started in January and 15 students are enrolled. 

Aisha says, “She can do them at her own pace and she sees an assignment’s due next week and she starts it.”

She said her daughter’s two weeks ahead of her class.  When her classmates were stuck at home because of the snow, Diavian was learning.

Aisha says, “She said well I have school today, you don’t, she was on the computer, did work, stopped to eat, went back to the computer.”

Superintendent Dr. Tamara Willis says, “A number of our students logged on even during these snow days and that’s good because we want them to complete two lesson per day per course.”

Dr. Willis says cyber students learn independence and they can still participate in extracurricular activities and sports.

Aisha’s freshman may be able to start summer vacation before she does, but cyber seniors will have to wait to walk the stage.

Dr. Willis says, “If they want to receive that William Penn Senior High School diploma, they will need to wait for that actual ceremony even if they finish early.”

Graduation was set for June 11th, but now administrators are re-scheduling another date.  For those cyber students who chose not to work during snow days, they have credit recovery options, such as summer school.

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  • MyTakeOnIt

    Yet one more reason to start moving the majority of our students to online learning.

    Maybe the nation will start getting a clue toward cyber schooling and it will be commonplace by next decade.

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