Former Milton Hershey school ice hockey coach bound over for trial

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A former Milton Hershey School assistant ice hockey coach is ordered bound over for trial on child sexual charges following a preliminary hearing this afternoon. Richard Allen Gingrich is accused of molesting a former student over a period of years while the student was in grades 6 through 9. The former student, now 24 years old, testified that Gingrich molested him numerous times between the ages of 11 to 15 years old.  Gingrich was the students’ assistant ice hockey coach.

The victim described the assaults as occurring at various locations over the years including a bathroom attached to the locker room at the school’s ice hockey rink, at Gingrich’s apartments in Lebanon and Palmyra and in a school supply building. The victim testified that Gingrich continued to sexually assault him even after Gingrich was dismissed from the school during the student’s freshman year.

Charges against Gingrich include multiple counts of Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse, Indecent Assault, Corruption of Minors and Unlawful Contact with Minors.

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  • chris

    You are a sick basterd as a former Milton Hershey school student this has me outraged these kids go there as I did because there lives are already less than perfect without 1 parent or financially in need or abused and you do this you are sick I hope the guys in prison beat you to death and have sex with you I hope it hurts bad I pray the judge never let’s you out of jail

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