Residents air concerns over recent shootings in Lancaster City

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Residents in north-central Lancaster city are concerned about recent shootings in the past month.

The local group Neighbors United met this evening at Ebenezer Baptist Church, so that Lancaster City police chief Keith Sadler could update them on the investigations. Residents filled the room.

Police arrested Carlos Colon in connection to a February 9 shooting on East Clay Street, but they are looking for other suspects. Sadler encouraged resident not to walk alone, and to report suspicious behavior.

“Unfortunately, you have a very small group of individuals that have no regard for anybody’s life in thisĀ  neighborhood and that think it’s ok to settle their disputes on the street,” says Sadler. “And that’s why we’re meeting here tonight.”

Police are also looking for Jorge Garcia, who’s charged with aggravated assault connected to a February 9 shooting in the area of Queen Street and James Street.

And they are still looking for the shooter who hit a 14 year old girl caught in a crossfire on High Street last month.