Security flaw leaves Apple users open to hackers

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Story by: Bryan Llenas, FOX News

Your personal information may not be as safe as you think.
There is a security flaw in Apple products that can easily be exploited by hackers.
At least one expert says it’s “as bad as you can imagine,” affecting nearly everyone who has an iPhone, an iPad, an iPod touch or even a MAC Laptop or desktop computer.
On Friday, Apple revealed a major vulnerability on the current version of its IOS software called a “Man-In the Middle Attack.”
The flaw allows hackers to easily intercept, alter and read emails, secure login information and other personal information that is meant to be encrypted between you and the person or website you’re interacting with.
Attackers can most easily get access through open wireless networks.

Tech Correspondent Clayton Morris says: “If you’re at an open network, that means if you’re sitting at a coffee shop, you’re doing your banking, you’re using Facebook or Gmail, and someone is sitting there, a hacker is sitting there, can make a website look as if it’s Facebook. You log on, they’re able to see every key stroke you’re doing so they’re able to see passwords, they’re able to see your contacts, other information you’re sending without even knowing it.”

Apple released a security fix on Friday, urging users to download the update if you have an iPhone 4 and later generations, 5th generation iPod Touches, and iPad 2 and later models.
But, there still is no security fix available for MAC computers.

Morris says:, “The fact of the matter is these exploits now, doesn’t matter what device you’re using, people have access to an open network, they know how to spoof certain things, they’re able to jump on and they’re able to get that information. It doesn’t matter if you’re on an HP laptop or an Apple laptop, It doesn’t matter anymore.”

The bottom line, download the update immediately available in your apple settings.
A security fix is expected for MAC computers, but until then, be extra careful not to use or access personal information when using unsecure open wireless networks like in coffee shops or restaurants.


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