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Governor directs PennDOT to accelerate salt supply pick up

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Governor Tom Corbett today directed PennDOT to accelerate deliveries of much needed road salt by sending dozens of trucks to the Wilmington, Del., port to pick up supplies.

“The pattern of multiple storms hitting Pennsylvania in recent weeks has forced PennDOT to use salt much more quickly than in recent years,” Corbett said. “I called for this special effort to accelerate PennDOT’s resupply efforts and ensure continued safe travel on the state road network.”

Between today and Tuesday, March 4, commercial haulers, contracted specifically to PennDOT, will deliver 20,000 tons of road salt to three staging areas at PennDOT facilities in the Philadelphia, Allentown and Harrisburg regions. These three areas have been the most heavily impacted and are in most need of resupply. Trucks will be deployed around the clock to complete the deliveries. Additional salt is on order to replenish areas where the immediate need is less critical.

Through mid-February, PennDOT had used just over 988,000 tons of salt across the state, nearly 32 percent more than what was used over the same period, on average, over the past five years.

Under an emergency proclamation Governor Corbett signed on Feb.3, drivers delivering salt are permitted to be in service for periods beyond normal limits to help accelerate shipments.


“Forecasts indicate more winter weather is still in store for Pennsylvania, and these additional steps will put us in better position to ensure our citizens can keep moving as safely as possible,” Corbett said. “My thanks to Secretary Barry Schoch and his team for effectively coordinating this special effort.”