Lawmakers Tour Elementary School to Improve Student Achievement

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Members of the Pennsylvania House Majority Policy Committee took a tour of Downey School in Downtown Harrisburg Tuesday afternoon.  The tour is part of the Gateways out of Poverty initiative, which is part of a larger district wide initiative to improve student achievement.  Committee members say they are using this program as a blueprint for others across the state.

Rep. Dave Reed (R-62nd District) says, “One of the kesy we’ve been looking at is let’s find successful programs and see how we can replicate those programs across the state.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you have to find what one community is doing well and how do you take it to another community and help them do well, as well.”

This visit was just one of many stops on the committee’s tour.  Previously, they visited the Bethesda Mission in partnership with the House Homelessness Caucus.