Former employee sentenced for stealing $1.3 million from Bon-Ton Foundation

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A former employee of the Bon-Ton Foundation is sentenced to five years in federal prison for stealing $1.3 million from the Foundation. Christine S. DeJuliis, 53, of Felton, had previously plead guilty to mail fraud involving a scheme she devised to steal money from the Foundation while she was employed as an assistant to the head of the Foundation. She also plead guilty to tax evasion for failing to pay taxes on the money she stole. DeJuliis was hired by Bon-Ton in 1999 and fired in July 2009.

Prior to sentencing in federal court in Harrisburg, she told Judge Yvette Kane that she was sorry for committing the crime and vowed to pay restitution. However, Judge Kane noted that she has not yet paid back any money to the Foundation.

Judge Kane also sentenced DeJuliis to five years of probation after she is released from custody.  She also ordered DeJuliis to make restitution to the Foundation and the Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. in the amount of $1,376,885 and to the IRS in the amount of $170,890.