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Teen suspended after packing a beer in school lunch

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By, Amanda McCall

A Texas high school student is suspended for accidentally bring a beer to school in his lunch. Two weeks ago, Chaz Seale,  a 17 year old Livingston High School junior says he accidentally grabbed a beer from his fridge instead of a soda. He then packed it in his lunch kit. He says it was an honest mistake and his mother agrees that it could happen to anyone.

Chaz Seale received a three day suspension and 60 days at an alternative school.

The Mom tried explaining to the school principal her son did the right thing by coming forward and feels the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

CNN reports in a statement the district says: “ The Principal of Livingston High followed appropriate LISD administrative procedures. LISD encourages any parent who is in disagreement with an administrative decision to seek relief through the appellate process.”

A Facebook page against the strict zero tolerance policy and in support of Chaz has already been started. It has already received 500 likes.


  • Truth

    I demand the teacher and principal be suspended immediately. Given Chaz was punished purely on possession and reporting is not considered in the "Zero Tolerance Policy", both of them were also in possession of alcohol on school property and therefore should also be punished under the same policy.

    Equality is the greatest path to clarity

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