York County school teacher charged with 660 counts of child pornography

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A Dover Area School Intermediate School teacher is charged with 661 counts of Possessing Child Pornography and one count of Possessing Instruments of Crime.

Northern York County Regional Police arrested Matthew B. Puterbaugh, 46, of Dover Township at 1 o’clock this afternoon. Police say they began investigating Puterbaugh on February 20, after a 12 year female student at the Dover Intermediate School reported to school officials that Puterbaugh had inappropriately touched her the day before. The student said that during her Music Ed class, Puterbaugh leaned over to explain something, as he did, his hand caressed and squeezed her thigh.

During the course of the investigation, investigators seized computer equipment from the School District that had been assigned to Puterbaugh.  He also surrendered his personal cell phone and provided investigators with written consent to search its contents.

During a cursory exam of the cell phone, numerous video files that appeared to be school aged females were found. The videos appeared to be focused in the breast and pubic region of clothed females.  Several of the videos were taken from an angle that captured undergarments worn under dresses.

On February 20, executed a search warrant on Puterbaugh’s Dover Township home. Police seized computers, hard drives, and a digital camera. Puterbaugh’s Dell desktop computer was found to have 661 images of children engaged in sexual acts. None of the pornographic images were of children who attend or who have previously attended Dover Area School District.

In a statement the Dover Area School District said that it was fully cooperating with the police investigation. The District says Counseling and support services will be available Friday for any student or staff member on Friday.

Northern York County Regional Police say their investigation continues.



    I tried to give my explanation of Christian Morality ,it got deleted. It seems man is just into what is trending,maybe where the money is at.

  • guest

    Honestly, this is very shocking and I hope the victims as well as the friends and family of the offender will be alright as I am sure this is all a very big scary and dramatic shock to them, and all I am going to do is pray for the healing of everyone involved and as well at Matt.

  • Mw.

    I went to this school and a couple of weeks ago I changed schools. I had his for the first part of the semester and he was always touching the girls. This is honestly a shock to me and nothing ever happened but I feel extremely violated just knowing that he was doing this stuff behind closed doors. I would have never thought. He was working with kis and it makes me sick to my stomach that this even happened. People were making jokes about it but nothing about it is funny at all. I can not stop thinking about this and how awful it is. It keeps crossing my mind. How I thought he was totally normal and probably one of my favorite teachers. How he always acted like he was high and mighty but in reality he was a sick twist.

  • lyric wilson

    OMG!! The only thing that i keep thinking is how happy i am that he gone for people in the future. I feel bad for the people that were touched but he did it to himself. 600 and some photos of kids that is just messed up!!!!!

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