Cumberland County woman wants dogs, monkeys returned

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A Cumberland County woman says the Humane Society of Harrisburg wrongly removed animals from her home.

Sondra McCoy owns a horse farm in North Middleton Twp. Police and humane officers removed more than 40 animals from her home on January 31st, including two monkeys, 27 dogs and 9 cats.

McCoy says she’s worried because most of the dogs are more than 10 years old and some are disabled. She took them in from friends and family who couldn’t keep them.

“I’m afraid that they’re going to put them to sleep because some of them are old, there’s three or four of them that are blind,” says McCoy. “Nobody’s going to adopt a blind dog.”

She says she legally owns the monkeys, and she has outdoor and indoor spaces for all the animals on her 76-acre farm.

She is facing citations for crowded and unsanitary conditions, but says she moved the dogs inside the garage temporarily during a cold snap because she was worried the heater would go out in their kennels.

The Humane Society says the animals had matted, dirty fur and overgrown nails. They are working to adopt the animals out. McCoy’s lawyer says they are seeking an injunction to prevent the animals from being adopted out or euthanized.

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