Democratic Candidates for Governor face off in Harrisburg debate

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The race for Governor is getting closer with the May primary a little less than three months away.   About 200 people came out to  the Pennsylvania Progressive Summit’s Gubernatorial Debate in Harrisburg with six out of the seven democratic candidates  in attendance.

Among the many issues discussed in the two hour debate,  which at times felt more like a casual  discussion,  was  campaign finance reform.

Current poll leader and York businessman Tom Wolf says he has already spent $10 million on his campaign but, that he’s for changing the importance of money in campaigning.

“ Money gives me the advantage to present my case but it doesn’t mean voters are going to like my story and they’re going to render the ultimate verdict, “ says Tom Wolf, Democratic Candidate for Governor

Education and funding for public schools a passionate topic for the candidates.

“ I would found the public schools the way they should be and have a  fair funding formula, “ said Allyson Schwartz, Democratic Candidate for Governor

Along with raising the minimum wage

“ It’s about making it so people don’t have to beg to make ends meat that’s why I’m pushing for an increase in minimum wage and for restaurant workers as well ,  “ says Katie McGinty, Democratic Candidate for Governor

And  the night wasn’t without a few knocks on  Governor Tom Corbett

“  I believe Tom Corbett should be held personally responsible for the grid lock we’re suffering from. He has built up a pent up demand for an engaged governor, “ says Rob McCord, Treasurer

Democratic candidate Jack Wagner was invited  but did not attend as was Governor Corbett. The primary is May 20.

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