Former Harrisburg Mayor, Thompson, plans to run against Perry for Congress

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The former Mayor of Harrisburg is not giving up on a passion to lead others.  Linda Thompson is planning to run against Republican incumbent Scott Perry for the U.S. 4th Congressional seat.  At least 1,000 people need to support Linda Thompson by March 11th is she plans on getting her name on the election ballot.

Last week, Thompson said at a press conference, (she) “Stood my ground knowing it was for the best interest of this city and this region.”

The announcement came at the city’s exit from a fiscal crisis.  The former may credited her administration for success.  She says, “”When it was unpopular to stand again those who were calling for bankruptcy, I stood against the most adverse odds.”

Now Thompson has plans to take her leadership to the national level.

Harrisburg attorney, Ken Lee says, “I think that may be somebody we would want to see represent us in Congress.”

Lee represented the city in bankruptcy.  He says he spent more than two years with the former Mayor implementing a recovery plan.  Lee says Thompson’s role in Harrisburg is a stepping stone for the Nation’s capital.

He says, “The financial issues that hit here in Harrisburg, very complex, placed her on a national scene where she got good reviews.”

Lee signed her petition over the weekend.  he says he was the first to sign in Cumberland County.  And he’s confidant she’ll get the required 1,000 signatures.

Lee says, “She is able to deal with complex matters, able to deal with things in grave details and she is tenacious and demanding for perfection.”

Meanwhile, Representative Scott Perry says, “I welcome any candidates into the upcoming 4th Congressional District election. I was out knocking on doors and meeting voters this weekend and look forward to an open discussion of the issues facing our nation.”