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Thousands of Fasnacht’s sold at Lebanon Church leading up to Lent

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In Lebanon the annual 3-day Fasnacht bonanza kicked off at St. Cecilia’s Church. People waited more than 2 hours to get the fried dough which is traditionally made to use up fatty foods before lent.

At St. Cecelia’s they sold more than 2,000 dozen fasnachts on Monday. Before Lent on Wednesday they plant to sell roughly 6,000 dozen more. One of the organizers, Sue Isgriggs, said it’s more about the taste and tradition that brings the crowds. “I think it’s more symbolic than anything right now and people actually they buy in quantities because they take them home and freeze them and have them for like half the year” said Isgriggs.

The sale at Saint Cecilia’s will begin again on Tuesday starting at 7AM.