Hanline’s hope for funds to finish hanicap accessible home

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A York County family is counting down the days until the can move into their new home.  The home will meet the needs of one of their sons who is handicap and will help other family members provide better care.

Last year, on a damp October morning, we visited the grounds of the Hanline home, in Jacobus.  Workers were putting up the foundation.  Now, the walls are up and the windows are in.

Laurie Hanline and her sons Jacob and Allen are proud of their home.  Laurie says, “I can actually see into the boys rooms from here.”

The home’s not quite ready to move in, but anticipation’s growing.

Jacob Hanline, 12, says, “I’m just really excited about this house and I’m also excited Allen’s going to be able to walk around.”

Jacob wants his brother Allen, 13, to have a comfortable space.  Allen has cerebral palsy.  Mom Laurie says unlike their current home in Red Lion, the home in Jacobus is suitable to meet their needs.

Laurie says, “For the boys to have this kind of security in a community that wants them here for Allen to be able to walk around in his walker in a house where he can go anywhere he wants to go, it’s amazing.”

Plus, Laurie’s mom will live upstairs and allow time for Laurie to finish school at York College. It’s a unique project for York Habitat for Humanity.

Debbie Krout-Althoff is the York Habitat for Humanity executive director.  She says, “This is the first of its kind, especially with the in-law quarters upstairs, so the care provider is right here and it’s been such a wonderful project here in the Jacobus community.”

Laurie adds, “It’s come together and it’s amazing to see it go from being framing to full-blown house with walls and windows and doors and ready for us to move in.”

Move in day is scheduled for March 29th, but the Hanline’s are facing one major problem.  They are short $5,000.  The needs the funds to finish the home by the end of the month.

If you’d like to help, contact York Habitat for Humanity.