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Ohio boy, 10, suspended from elementary school for 3 days for pointing his finger like gun

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Nathan Entingh, 10, demonstrates the finger-shooting technique that got him suspended from Devonshire Alternative Elementary School. His father, Paul Entingh, is in the background. (Image Credit: The Columbus Dispatch)

(FOX News) A central Ohio principal says she suspended a 10-year-old boy from school for three days for pretending his finger was a gun and pointing it at another student’s head.

The boy’s father says he thinks it’s the adults who are acting childish after the boy was suspended from Devonshire Alternative Elementary School in Columbus last week.

The fifth-grader said he was “just playing around.” But district spokesman Jeff Warner tells The Columbus Dispatch ( ) that Devonshire Principal Patricia Price has warned students about pretend gun play numerous times this year, and everyone should know the rules by now.

Warner says the boy put his finger to the side of the other student’s head and pretended to shoot “kind of execution style.”

The boy’s father says the suspension is overboard.


Information from: The Columbus Dispatch,


    • Phil

      I hope the next idiot that wants to harm me or my family comes at me with a finger or a toy gun. God help them, their in big trouble.

    • Phil

      Not going insane, it already has. Toy guns and harmless fingers, have to learn spanish, have to have a muslim day, can't wear a shirt with an American flag on cinco de mayo day. What the hell is going on. These liberal idiots have gone crazy. Every one of my childhood friends had a toy gun when we were kids. I don't know of any of them that shot anyone when they grew up. The old ways seemj to have worked a lot better than this new agenda that we have today

  • whatsitcomingto

    This is one more example of people criticizing after receiving limited information about an event and being sucked into the Columbus Dispatch media drama train. I am not employed with Columbus City Schools but I absolutely know the following facts that may be interesting to some… This child, as well as others, were warned repeatedly about this action and this kind of conduct for days on end, multiple children were given numerous warnings of this kind of behavior, the child that Entingh's son put his finger gun up to "execution style" and not only said "boom" but also “you’re dead” to was an elementary student from another country where gun violence, corruption, murder and mayhem is an everyday way of life, and the Entingh child was not the only child sanctioned in some form for this on going behavior. To top it all off Mr. Entingh was called in for a meeting with school representatives after the occurrence to discuss what happened and he agreed that all decisions were appropriate just to then turn around and cry to the media just the opposite. Now, who's in the wrong here? I ask you all to send your children out this evening in your neighborhood to give everyone "the bird" with their middle finger. There's nothing wrong with this either….right? It's not like it's a plastic bird that looks like a real one, it's just a game all the other kids play….right? Sure many of us used to play "cops and robbers" or cowboys and Indians" when we were little and used our fingers as guns. This happened in a day when children also got their bottoms smacked with paddles in school for getting out of line, parents actually believed in teaching and disciplining their children instead of pawning their kids off onto someone else, there weren't gang signs on elementary school properties, their was no such thing as a school shooting, kids rode their bicycles to school, and people believed in good community values. How many parents would scream holy hell if their young child was going around twerking like Miley Cyrus? Which is worse? An elementary child pretending that they’re having sex or an elementary child pretending they’re killing another child? So you would punish your kid for pretending they were performing sexual acts but you say it’s alright to pretend they’re putting a bullet in another kid’s head? I applaud the schools action. It does appear that this child was not only punished for just pointing his finger like a gun at another student but also because time after time after time he chose to not follow the rules or instructions. Have any of you disciplined your child after you have repeatedly told them not to do something and they chose to ignore you and kept doing it? It appears that the post media involvement was simply a hyped up “got my feelings hurt, over-glorified pity party” on the parent’s part. Some should keep the Monday morning quarterbacking to their own back yard and not draw conclusions on media hype.
    (Note: I am cancelling my subscription to the Columbus Dispatch on the base that they are more interested in creating hype and reporting partial information instead of accurate news reporting. This story would have gotten absolutely no attention or may have never been published if it wasn’t for the Dispatch’s “soap opera” reporting tactics.)

  • whatsitcomingto

    Zero Tolerance is required in the school systems because there are too many "think they are parents" that practice way too much tolerance.

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