Brooklyn tattoo artist fired after inking unconscious dog: report

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) – A tattoo artist who posted a pic on Instagram of his unconscious, freshly-inked pooch has been fired from the Brooklyn tattoo parlor where he worked.

Red Legged Devils owner Chris Torres says he doesn’t condone animal abuse and told DNAinfo ”This has gone viral.  It’s not good.” The story even ended up on the cover of Thursday’s New York Post.

The dog owner, whose first name is Alex, but goes by the name Mistah Metro, posted the picture of the unconscious K-9 with a heart tattoo on its shoulder bearing the names “Alex” and “Mel.”  Mistah Metro wrote on his Instagram: “One of the many reasons my dog is cooler than your[s]! She had her spleen removed today and the vet let me tattoo her while she was under.”

The pic was taken down after it wound up on Gothamist, and appeared under a new profile, mistahmetro7 with the caption, “Had to delete my account and make another, some people just don’t appreciate anything!  It’s an ANIMAL with a TATTOO!”

Before the Instagram pic was again deleted, it sparked a string of furious comments:  “This is disgusting,” wrote one person.  “What the f*****g hell is wrong with you?” wrote another.  “ARE YOU FOR REAL (sic)?” asked a third.

Torres, who says the tattoo was done at the veterinarian’s office and not the tattoo parlor, defended the dog owner but not his actions.

“He’s a nice kid. It obviously wasn’t well thought out,” Torres told DNAinfo. “He spent thousands and thousands on the dog to keep him in good health. He cared for it like an old person in an old home.”


  • CommonSense

    Every single person making a big deal out of this is retarded. The dog was sedated in an operating room at a vets office. It didn't feel any pain or discomfort. Also, it is actually fairly common place to tattoo pets for identification purposes. A lot of vets tattoo female pets after a spay so people know it was done and not to do it again. But I guess a series of number, or a name and address, or a green line is okay, but a tasteful heart tattoo isn't.

  • danny

    its his gog and it looks very healthy so why dont u people get a life.i think its cool and u may have the beggining for a great idea. i would like to have my horse tattoed.u may need to get a patten before someone starts makeing money on ur idea.those who dont agree should realize its worse to cut the tails and ears i by far more cruel.great idea

  • GetReal

    I don't see this as cruelty in the least bit. We cut off dog's ears and tails purely for aesthetic reasons. I don't see how is this any different. The cows we eat are branded with hot irons and no anesthesia. This guy paid thousands I'm sure to have surgery performed on this dog so he obviously loves him and takes great care of him. Everyone who eats meat or wears leather is involved in much more serious animal cruelty than this. Let's be realistic here before we fall off that horse.

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