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New home builders’ business on the rise as consumers look to spend

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New home builders say people are buying again after a recent downward surge that’s being blamed on the economy.  Experts say the trend has little to do with what people are earning and more to do with savings over tough economic times.

Home builders flock to the Farm Show Complex for a consumer trade show that serves as a major tool for business.

Robin Loughran’s the Vice President of Construction for Bridlewood Builders, in Harrisburg.  For over ten years, business meant building around 6 homes a year.  But it more recent years, development’s been a challenge.

Loughran says, “It hit us in our pocket, the sub-contractors we generally hire weren’t busy because of us. Since we’re the main producer and we hire the plumbers, heaters and electricians, they weren’t busy either, so it was a domino effect down the lane.”

Now, Loughran’s down a different path.  He says, “We’re talking to more people this year and it seems we’re getting more interest in the actual building instead of the talking.”

John Kunkle is the President of Spa and Pool Place, in Lancaster.  He says, “We need to sell those pools to keep our guys employed.”

Kunkle would like to sell 20 pools a year.  This year, they’re already dipping into a couple more pool than they were at this time last year.

He says, “Financing is available this year at a good rate.  People would rather stay at home then go on vacation in many instances.”

For now, they’re all under one roof, with a shared hope to stay busy outside.

Loughran says, “We have contracts already in place for 3 homes this year and talking to people for later on in the year.”

Wendy David is the Executive Officer of the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Harrisburg.  She says people are more eager to upgrade their homes.

David says, “People have been sitting on their homes, on bank books and hands for years and we’re all timid and afraid to spend money.  We’ve been doing it long enough, we’re saying we’re going out, we’re going to buy something.”

It’s the 40th annual Pennsylvania Home Show.  350 vendors are a part of the consumer trade show at the Farm Show Complex.