Florida mom arrested for fighting 12-year-old girl in school parking lot

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(Screen grab: NBC Miami)

MIAMI – A 35-year-old Florida mom was arrested after she was recorded on a cellphone fighting a 12-year-old girl in a middle school parking lot.

Irisdaly Rios is facing battery charges for punching Ashley Perez, a classmate of her daughter at Hialeah Middle School.

Rios can be seen on video exiting her car, and after an exchange of words, punching the girl in the face.

Perez suffered a chipped tooth, scratches and bruises from the brawl.

Rios told NBC Miami, “This girl bullies my daughter everyday.”

The girl admitted that she and Rios’ daughter have argued, but thought the mom was going to try and patch things up between them.

The mother of the boy who recorded the video posted it on the internet, which lead Rios’ arrest.

Police say Rios should have gone to the school to report the bullying.


  • Kerri

    I know this isn't the answer but there are too many kids killing themselves over being bullied and no one is doing anything about it. Most of the fight against bullying is being done by the community – higher authorities do nothing but a slap on the wrist. But because of her age, the fact that she is a mom, and this child was 12, this mom herself is a bully. Thinking the school would not have done much but she could have at least started there. However, I hope this does stop the girl from being a bully (if she is).

  • Kyle Armstrong

    Should have went to the school about the bullying? Have you ever went to the school councilor for an incident regarding problems with another student? The end result is the same and the situation is escalated. I can not say that I blame the mother of this child. However, there were other avenues that should have been taken. Some kids never learn until the bully is being bullied then they decide to do something. The approach is similar to how crimes are dealt with. They do not pursue until the incident has occurred. I have been on the end of a 4,000.00 fine for standing up for myself against a threat on my well being. I threw the first punch after being threatened, suspended, fined, and 2-3 weeks in in-school detention. The other 2 students received no additional disciplinary action. Giving them the ticket to continue their antics. The 2 students continued to bully others. The Bottom line is the school was probably more than aware of the bullying that was taken place and nothing was done about it until this admirable mother stepped in and done what the parent of the other child should have done. We should be looking at what the school is going to do to prevent such things from occurring and stop powder coating life for those that can not follow the rules.

  • Jennifer

    In no way do I condone an adult hitting a child, but on the other hand do though honestly think her going to the school would have made a difference? No, no it wouldn’t. The bully would still be doing the girl the same way just a little miss discretely, at least for awhile. It’s more likely than not that the school would have done nothing whatsoever anyway. As I already said, the mother had no right to handle things the way she did but the school system just turns their heads anymore so I can understand her reasoning behind it. Oh and before these comments about what if it were your child start, I do have 2 children who are almost school age but you’d better bet mine will not ever bully another child because they will be taught better than that.

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