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New study shows Barbie could limit how girls view career choices

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A new study shows that playing with Barbie could limit how girls view their career choices.

That’s according to an experiment conducted by an Oregon State University Researcher.

Girls ages 4 to 7 participated in the study.

The researcher had them play with either a Barbie doll or a Mrs. Potato Head.

After a few minutes, the girls were asked about possible careers.

The researcher reported girls who played with Barbie thought they could do fewer jobs than b0ys.

Those with Mrs. Potato Head thought they could do about the same.

Barbie was first introduced in 1959 as a “fashion doll” with an emphasis on clothes and appearance.

But past research has found that the way fashion dolls such as Barbie are physically formed and dressed communicates messages of sexualization and objectification to girls.

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