4 teens hurt in Chanceford Township crash

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Four teenagers were hurt in a early Saturday morning crash in Chanceford Township. State police said a 16-year-old boy was driving when the crash happened  along Brownton Road near Trinity Road around 6 a.m.

The driver and two  passengers were taken to York Hospital with unknown injuries. The fourth passenger–a 13-year-old girl–was flown to Hershey Medical Center with serious injuries, according to Trooper Robert Hicks, a state police spokesman.

No other information was immediately available.

The crash is under investigation.


  • Sheesh

    I have a 14 y/o daughter and there is no way in this world I would allow her to be out at that time of the morning (or anytime for that matter) especially with an irresponsible 16 year old driver! I hope these parents are blaming themselves for their childrens injuries! Get it together people, they are kids…..you need to be keeping a close eye on what their doing!

  • Rhonda

    Although this is a sad situation and we hope for the best for these young kids, we can't assume drugs and alcohol~ Mytakeonit That's the LAST thing that came to my mind….. We all have opinions of this matter ( and most not in a positive way, since most of us have children this age or close to it) but please don't assume the worst. I have questions myself, regardless of what they were doing so early…My biggest one is why is a 13 year old..7th grader? in a vehicle with a 16 year old let alone the other kids. This angers me and makes me sad that this situation is even un~ folding! Prayers to these little angels!!

    • JustSayin

      Drugs and alcohol are so prevalent amongst teenagers this day and age I can't understand why this wouldn't have been one of the first things thought of! It definitely crossed my mind!

  • Rhonda

    Let me guess, MYtakeOnit You are "without" children?? Furthermore, Angel in this context was used as a child from the heavens who haven't gotten their wings to "fly on their own" It doesn't mean they were perfect kids, My guess is you don't have kids so you would never understand that parents call their children ( to be funny) little darling, angels, etc…. But I aint mad at cha bro!!

  • Kevin

    Obviously speed was a factor. The skid marks start at the beginning of the bend and its obvious the vehicle could not make the turn. The length of the skid marks also show speed was a factor. Irresponsible parents and teen drivers disobeying the laws. Could have killed an innocent bystander not to mention our families and friends. I hope the law punishes this driver to the fullest extent.

  • JustSayin

    Come on fox43…….ydr has an update on this story. The article says alcohol may have been a factor!!

  • Hayley.

    We teens, weren’t doing anything. And whats it matter to you? Your a little to old to stick your nose in teens life arnt ya? If you arnt the police and or my parents im sure the situation does not matter at all to, right?

    • JustSayin

      Maybe if your parents and the parents of the other teens in the car had "rules" in place this wouldn't have happened! After all the driver should not have had that many juveniles in the car to begin with! Not to mention at 16 you cannot be out driving at that hour! Prayers to those hurt in this unfortunate accident, hopefully this is a lesson learned for all.

  • Hayley.

    Nothing is happening to the driver, the only thing thats happening is the family of the 13 yr old is trying to sew the driver.

    • Sew or Sue

      Oh Hayley. Maybe you should take some extra English classes instead of being out, up to no good!

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