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Member of Jerry Sandusky’s defense team under investigation for alleged misappropriation of funds

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A member of Jerry Sandusky’s defense team has initiated an investigation against himself.  Now, the Cumberland County district attorney’s office is leading an investigation against Karl Rominger.  It’s a case of conduct that violates the public’s trust.

In an audio statement over the weekend, well-known Carlisle attorney, Karl Rominger, admits he’s wrong.  He says, “It is with heavy heart and great humility I make this statement to the public.”

Rominger says, “I initiated the investigation against myself and am cooperating fully with the authorities to see the investigation through.”

Cumberland County District Attorney, David Freed, says his office is leading an investigation into the potential misappropriation of client funds by Rominger.  According to a court order, Rominger failed to provide a more than $147,000 settlement between two parties in a divorce case.

FOX 43 legal analyst, Steven Briet says, “We might be looking at charges by failure to make disposition of funds.  That he may have used the funds for his own personal benefits and not for which he was entrusted to hold them for.”

Breit says the disciplinary conduct board will find it difficult to prove Rominger’s criminal intent.  But his actions will likely cause a lack of trust.  Breit says, “Conduct involving fraud, dishonesty, deceipt or misrepresentation.  This conduct does violate the public’s trust and public’s ability to retain an attorney who would be holding funds for that client.”

Rominger says, “I will do everything in my power to help those I’ve wronged and make whole any loss I’ve created.”