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Governor Tom Corbett files for re-election

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The Corbett-Cawley team, Governor Tom Corbett and Lt. Governor Jim Cawley filed for re-election today to a second term with more than 50,000 signatures from all 67 counties.

Governor Corbett filed with 27,747 signatures from every county, and more than 100 collected in 50 counties. Lt. Governor Cawley filed with 26,680 signatures.

Governor Corbett released the following statement:

“Over the last three years, we have kept our promises and put Pennsylvania on the path to a brighter future by reforming Harrisburg, keeping taxes low and creating more than 150,000 private sector jobs. I am humbled by the tireless commitment of our grassroots supporters who showed their enthusiasm for our campaign and are working to give us four more years to continue fighting for our agenda of ‘More Jobs, Less Taxes.’ It has been an honor to serve the people of Pennsylvania and I look forward to the bright future that lies just ahead for our Commonwealth.”

Lt. Governor Jim Cawley added, “Pennsylvania is stronger today because of the tough decisions Governor Tom Corbett made to put us back on a path towards prosperity and I look forward to serving with him a second term.  Pennsylvanians can’t afford to return to the tax-and-spend policies our opponents support and I am confident that voters will soundly reject their attempts to bring the Obama-style, big government agenda to Harrisburg.”

Fast Facts:

  • Governor Tom Corbett — 27,747 Signatures Filed
  • Lt. Governor Jim Cawley — 26,680 Signatures Filed
  • Governor Corbett filed with signatures from all 67 counties.
  • Governor Corbett filed with more than 100 signatures in 50 counties.