“Listen, listen, listen, Linda. Honey!” Toddler argues with mom over cupcakes

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    • Holly

      I think a lot of tots go through a phase where they call their parents by their first names, especially the more precocious amongst them. This kid sure is cute! I wouldn't've been able to keep a straight face while arguing with him.

  • Deena

    What??? Seriously??? This child needs a parent in the house….Who lets a 3 year old talk to them like this…I feel badly for this child as he ages they will have no control and then what people??? You going to be saying oh how cute…Look at him in orange isnt he cute…But why does he have bars in front of him….HELLO this will be an out of control child if someone doesnt step in…I think child protective should look in to the family values…..Listen Linda be a parent raise your child…….

  • will sweny

    Oh and he is calling her Linda because they were at the zoo and a little boy got lost who did not know his parents real names – so his mom taught him
    OH and DEENA you are still and Idiot

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