Thousands rally to ban frack waste pits in the state

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Thousands of people gathered at the State Capitol Tuesday to fight against the use of frack waste pits in the state.  Those in attendance urged the state Department of Environmental Protection to ban the use of open frack pits and impoundments to store waste associated with natural gas drilling.  Environmental groups also presented the DEP with a petition signed by 13,000 Pennsylvanians as well as hand-written letters from residents who support the change.  Supporters of the change say frack pits cause water, air, and soil pollution.

Steve Hvozdovich with Clean Water Action says, ” Gigantic open swimming pools is how I would describe them, but they can be as big as football fields.  They are often only required to have a very thin plastic liner to them, so we see liners rip and tear exposing soil and groundwater to potential contamination.”

Tuesday’s rally coincides with the upcoming end to the public comment period on the proposed updates to Pennsylvania’s oil and gas regulations which occurs on Friday.