At least two dead after explosion in New York City

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A natural gas explosion in New York City hurt more than 20 people and killed at least two. A spokesman with the Con Ed utility company said they received a call about a gas leak in East Harlem a little after 9AM.

Shortly after the call, and before utility workers could get to the scene, the buildings blew up. The two 5-story buildings that collapsed housed a Spanish christian church and a piano store. Latest reports show as many as 10 people are unaccounted for. New York City’s Mayor Bill De Blasio said the city is using every available resource to rescue each and every person buried under the rubble.

One eyewitness who was waiting to go shopping described what she experienced at the time of the blast. “We’re sitting there waiting for the store to open when all of a sudden boom the explosion. The train had just passed, Metro North. We thought it came from the train but then we saw these boards flying so a lady hugged me to try and protect herself because it was the glass from the store that just popped open” said the eyewitness.

Another eyewitness said “my windows shook, I thought they had blew out. The pictures on the wall came off the wall. The explosion was a very large blast.” The explosion also ignited a fire which took roughly 200 firefighters to put out.