Norovirus outbreak hits Luzerne County schools

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We’ve all heard the horror stories of people becoming ill on cruise ships with Norovirus; but now, it’s hitting closer to home.

Hazleton Area School District in Luzerne County is dealing with a massive outbreak of the virus.

Almost 200 students, or roughly 20 percent, of Valley Elementary School students are out sick, and many other parents are keeping their kids home just in case.
Norovirus is often referred to as the “stomach flu” and includes symptoms such as vomiting, severe stomach pain and diarrhea.
It can be spread through contaminated food or surfaces; or through contact with an infected person.
According to the CDC, the virus is extremely contagious, which is why Hazleton Area school officials are asking parents to keep their sick children home.

“I know a lot of parents work and everything, but you need to keep them home. Especially if they’re complaining about the stomach cramps and everything. Because by the time they get to school is when it`s going to hit them,” says Director of Nursing Ellen McBride.

School officials are handling the problem and have sent letters home to parents. They have posted that letter on the district website, along with information on how to prevent the virus.