York County Horse Rescue needs your help

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A York County horse rescue that saves horses and other animals from unsafe and dire conditions is now in need of your help. The Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Airville is at capacity and has more on the way. “These horses, every single one of them in here, were bound for slaughter. We rescue them, rehabilitate them, we put some training into some of them and once they are better they are put up for adoption,” said Director Kelly Smith. “They need us. We are their voice and there are so many horses out there that need help.”

Smith said they have a donkey, a steer, 20 horses and more on the way. They all need good homes and are up for adoption.

“We have several draft horses, we have several ex-race horses, we have a quarter horse who just had a baby here unexpectedly. We are currently trying to help several other pregnant horses who are in desperate need of help,” said Director Kelly Smith. “We were trying to raise money to put two additional foaling stalls at the end of our barn. But that complicates things in the sense that we store our hay and our bedding at that end of the barn, so we would also need a storage shed to put our hay and bedding, in so that we can move things out and install two more stalls that we desperately need.”

One of the horses, named Gus, was found in the worst condition the rescue had seen. “He was standing in a pool of blood. He had holes in his neck, because of his harness you could actually fit a fist in the holes of his neck,” said Smith. “He was skin and bones. He had been sold to a guy who processes them for lions to eat.”


Luckily Gus was saved and he has been nursed back to health. Although he has physical scars, he is happy and healthy, and a hungry guy. “He loves to eat!” said Smith.


To help: you can volunteer your time, adopt or sponsor a horse, or even donate money, hay or other supplies.

More about Omega Horse Rescue
The Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center has placed more 1,200 horses since its foundation in 1997. They handle all horse breeds, ponies, donkeys and mules for possible adoption. Whether the horses come to the Rescue by way of neglect, auction or donation, their mission is to educate horse owners on the true responsibilities involved in equine care; legislate the humane treatment of horses everywhere; and find appropriate homes for unwanted, abused or neglected equines of all descriptions.

Help find great homes for these adoptable horses. More detailed information about each of them can be found on their website you can email: omega@
or call (717)862-3322.


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