Company gives boy life-saving drug, board member reacts

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Imagine if you or a family member was deathly ill, but could not get a life-saving medication because it had not yet been approved. That’s what josh hardy and his parents were faced with when they launched a media campaign to pressure the company to release the drug.

Now, the little boy is getting a second chance at life.

7-year-old Josh Hardy is in critical condition while battling a virus that is raging his system.
The drugs he was taking weren’t working… so Josh’s doctors recommended asking pharmaceutical company Chimerix for an experimental drug that would give Josh a better chance at recovery.
The company said no, but that was just the beginning of the story.
Josh’s parents launched a media campaign pleading with the company to release the drug, but Chimerix said that helping josh would slow down approval to help others.
After intense pressure from the media and viewers,  the company –and the FDA– reversed the decision, and gave permission to use Josh and other patients as actual study subjects.

“The Hardy family was wonderful….their work on this. They did help accelerate the discussion between the FDA and Chimerex. it had been ongoing but it obviously focused both public attention, everybody’s attention on this issue broadly and Josh’s need in particular. It did help us craft a solution and create a path forward,” says Chimerex CEO Kenneth Moch.

However not everyone at Chimerix feels the same.
A board member issued a statement to Fox News yesterday that says “Don`t you people realize there is an FDA?  We have done what we can.  Say a prayer for Josh.”
In the meantime, Josh took his first dose of the drug on Wednesday.