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Lancaster County man spreading patriotism while training for Boston Marathon

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A Lancaster County man is training to run in the Boston Marathon next month, one year after the bombings. He carries the American Flag wherever he runs  and he`s hoping to get permission to carry it in Boston. Adam Gill carries the flag to show support for the country, first responders, and this nation’s armed forces. But new safety regulations put in place after last year’s bombings could keep him from carrying the flag.

” I think it`s incredibly important for all of us to celebrate our troops to celebrate the country to show solidarity especially after the events of last year`s boston marathon bombing , ” says Gill

Adam says he understands the new regulations and  instead has come up with some alternatives in case he doesn’t get approval by April.

” I have a smaller flag, and a flag that I  rolled up that I would be able to carry like a baton so there`s a couple different options. One way or another I’m going to get a flag across the finish line,” says Gill

In the meantime he’ll continue training, running with the flag,  and spreading patriotism across Lancaster County.  If you’d like to donate to the Cops for Kids with Cancer charity click here :

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