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Candidates respond to attack ads as York County special election nears

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A special election is taking place on Tuesday in York County that will fill the 28th District State Senate seat until the end of the year. The candidates vying for that position are responding to ads that seem to attack one another.

Republican Scott Wagner is a write-in candidate. Voters can choose to write in his name on the ballot, regardless of their political affiliation. Wagner has owned and operated a trash hauling business in York County for 30 years, but ads paid for by the republican party paint Wagner as a millionaire trying to buy an election.

Ron Miller is running on his experience as a state representative of the 93rd district for the last 16 years. Ads paid for by the campaign for Scott Wagner portray Miller as being in the pockets of a Republican politician in Philadelphia.

The democratic candidate, Linda Small, is running on her Navy service, she achieved the highest enlisted rank possible. Small hasn’t run any TV ads, but she has nonetheless been pulled into the fray. One ad says that a vote for Scott Wagner is a vote for “liberal Linda” referring to Linda Small.

Miller responded to that ad when he said “the one with the vote for Scott Wagner is a vote for Linda Small is a very important message. I have no problem with that whatsoever.” Wagner responded to the same ad. He said “it’s being paid for by the York County Republican Party and it’s all working in a negative way for republicans.” Small also weighed in when she said “I’m not going to focus on the negative attack ads because it takes away from the issues. The important thing is how are we going to create good jobs.”

The polls open on Tuesday at 7AM and close at 8PM.

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