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Winter road work putting South Middleton Township way over budget

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South Middleton Township, Cumberland County is almost $50,000 over budget for winter road work.

Crews stocked township plow trucks with salt to prepare for the projected storm Monday, but this time they stayed put. South Middleton Township may have lucked out Monday, but the township has not lucked out this winter. “19 years as a supervisor, I have not had a winter that’s been like this. Not the depth of the snow, but the storms just keep coming,” said Faley.

Normally crews with the township will head out between 18 and 19 times a winter to plow and treat the roads. So far this winter they have been out 39 times. Between materials, fuel, and overtime, The township has already spent nearly double the projected budget. “It’s not cheap. We projected our budget at $50,000, but we have spent $90,000 plus already this year,” said Faley.

The township is not in financial trouble but the harsh winter is now taking away from money that is usually used during the summer to repair roads. “Our monies that come from state are from the liquid fuel tax. We have $432,000 in our pocket to get us through the winter and to get us through the summer. That is where the problem will be. There will be less road work this summer. Just for example, to repave a section of road, a mile of it, it’s over $100,000,” said Faley.

“We did spend more money on salt and diesel, so definitely that does affect what we can do in the long-term, major repairs,” said Matthew Kempf, a mechanic and plow truck driver with South Middleton Township.

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