Disaster at Disney: giant fish tank bursts

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(FoxNews) Diners at Downtown Disney’s T-REX Café restaurant in Orlando were treated to a wet and wild dining experience when a giant fish tank sprung a leak on Monday afternoon.

While patrons were eating around 4 p.m., something caused a seam in the tank to break apart, and water began gushing from the new opening, Fox8 WGHP reports.

Diner Kate Wallace told the station that there was a “very loud” sound when the tank ruptured. Although the entire tank did not break, there was still plenty of water.

“We were sitting about 20-feet away,” Wallace said in an e-mail toWGHP. “The people sitting at the table next to it did get wet… I don’t know how they could have avoided it.”

According to Wallace, wait staff rushed to the tank to save the fish and began clearing guests from the affected area, although the rest of the restaurant remained open while workers cleaned the water.

She even posted a picture to Twitter as the water continued to flow.


A Disney spokeswoman called the leak small, saying that some fish were removed as a precaution and some tables in the restaurant had to be relocated. There were no were reported injuries from the incident. A person at the restaurant was told that the workers were able to save “all of the fish.”

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