York County voters respond to ads that attack candidates

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People in York County cast their votes in Tuesday’s special election to fill the 28th district state senate seat vacated by Mike Waugh. It’s the culmination of a campaign that got ugly at times with candidate ads that took plenty of shots at each other. Over the last several weeks TV ads and mailers have bombarded York County voters. The voters we spoke with said they’re tired of it.

York County voter Frances Ports said “I find that absolutely deplorable. There is no reason to bash anybody.” The republican party has sponsored ads that accuse write-in candidate Scott Wagner of being a millionaire who’s trying to buy his way into office and democratic candidate Linda Small as being liberal. The party has endorsed State Representative Ron Miller. “It’s definitely politics at its worst. It’s really disappointing that it has to come down to negative campaigning on both sides” said York County voter Michael Hogg.

Wagner has approved ads that accuse Miller of being in the pocket of a republican politician in Philadelphia, but voters we spoke with said they want to see something more. “I want the advertising to tell me what their issues are and what they believe in and what they’ll do for us” said York County voter Janice Baughman.

With the May primary only 2 months away, these candidates will likely face each other again and some voters are hopeful that tactics will change by then. “Younger people, my sons generation, are very well informed and are voting and getting involved and I think that speaks well for the future” said York County voter Moira Seward.

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