Drug operation busted in Hanover; Two suspects remain at large

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A York County Drug Task Force investigation leads to the arrests of three Hanover residents for selling controlled substances and synthetic drugs. Investigators learned of two men, Randy Douglas Toot and Alexander John Meacher, who were allegedly running a drug vending operation out of their apartment at 227 Carlisle Street in Hanover Borough. Undercover agents made made controlled purchases from Meacher in the Hanover area, including locations immediately outside his residence.

Those purchases led to a search warrant being issued for the apartment the men shared.

On Monday evening, March 10th, police officers spotted Meacher in a parking lot at the North Hanover Mall.  As they approached him, he took off in his black Chevrolet S10 pick-up truck.  Officers gave chase,  but discontinued their pursuit because Meacher was driving at a high speed and going toward the downtown business district area.

Police then went to the suspects’ apartment. Toot’s girlfriend, Adriana Maria Lua, was there when officers searched the apartment.  Officers found over 1300 grams of synthetic marijuana and 230 grams of MDMA ( often called ‘Ecstasy’ or ‘Molly’).

Both substances were found in bulk quantities and as well as smaller packages prepared for street sales.

Police also discovered equipment and items used to package MDMA and synthetic marijuana in Toot’s bedroom. These items included commercially prepared and labeled foil bags used to package synthetic marijuana, scents used to provide a specific odor for the synthetic marijuana and heat-sealing devices.  In addition, they found $3500 cash.

Lua’s had several packets of synthetic marijuana which were packaged for sale in her purse, according to police.

She was taken into custody and charged with Possession with the Intent to Deliver Controlled Substances and Criminal Conspiracy.  Criminal complaints were filed before Magisterial District Judge Dwayne Dubs charging Meacher with Possession with the Intent Deliver Controlled Substances, Criminal Conspiracy, Fleeing and Eluding, Recklessly Endangering Another Person and Reckless Driving.  Toot was charged with Possession with the Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance and Criminal Conspiracy.

Toot and Meacher are both fugitives at this time.  Meacher’s vehicle is a 1989 Chevrolet S10 pick-up truck bearing (PA) registration ZDJ-9142.

Based upon the prices which the synthetic marijuana and MDMA were being sold for to customers, police estimate the value of total value of the substances to be $26,800.

Hanover Borough and Penn Township Police assisted the York County Drug Task Force with this investigation.

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