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Lancaster man faces attempted homicide for stabbing woman in domestic dispute

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Police say Emmanuel Coreano, 26, of Lancaster faces one count of attempted homicide for stabbing a woman at around 10 am Wednesday morning.

It happened at 626 W. Vine.

He reportedly fled the scene in a vehicle. The suspect vehicle information was broadcast to surrounding jurisdictions. Officers checked the area but did not locate Coreano or his vehicle.
At approximately 11:20 am, a call was received that Coreano was possibly at a residence on the 600 block of South Queen Street.

The first arriving Officers found that Coreano’s vehicle, a white Audi A4 sedan, was parked outside of the residence. Officers checked the home but were told that Coreano had fled the residence prior to their arrival.

Lancaster City Bureau of Police say Coreano was the ex-husband of the victim and a domestic dispute caused the stabbing.

People living along West Vine Street in Lancaster say stabbings do not happen often in their neighborhood.

Illa Glassnar lives across the street from where the stabbing took place.  She says, “Nothing like this with seven cop cars here and fire trucks and ambulance and chief of police, oh my God.”

She says in the more than 40 years she’s lived here, stabbings don’t happen often.  But she and her family are still concerned for their safety.  She says,  “We lock both the doors, the storm door and here, plus back door. We keep locked at all times, day and night.”

Lancaster police say the woman is in the hospital.

Children were in the home at the time of the stabbing.

Officer Brad Shenk says, “There were 2 young boys, about 3 and 2 years old and they’re fine.  They were taken away by a family member and they’re okay.”

Emmanuel Coreano

Emmanuel Coreano