Drug testing for elected officials?

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By, Heather Warner

It’s a plan that may make other politicians squirm.  With polls showing faith in government at an all-time low, one Florida lawmaker is trying to restore that trust, by introducing a bill that would require lawmakers be tested for drugs.

The bill, introduced by Dane Eagle, would make every elected official in Florida submit to a drug test–from city hall, to the legislature, all the way to the Governor.

If it passes, elected officials would have to take the test within sixty days of an election or re-election, or they would have to resign.

“When I ran for class president i was drug tested.  When I worked for Walgreens back home i was drug tested. When I worked in the governor’s office I was drug tested.  Bu now that I serve 160,000 people in Florida as a representative, I was not,” says Rep. Eagle.

The bill is currently in the Government Operations Committee.

What do you think of Representative Eagle’s bill?


  • The Opinionated One

    Drug testing is a very good idea. Would certainly eliminate some of the folks who hold office, and are in a drug induced haze 99% of the time> Or as Mike M mentioned, could be a lack of common sense and their greed that are the real problems with our legislators. However, I think most constituents want legislation that has some teeth, set term limits for ALL legislators. That would be a great place to start to realize some real change in government!

  • Jack

    I have ssues with this for only one reason. If we are not going to drug test the folks on public assistance welfare and any other "I have nothing but give me something" program, then we should not be drug testing those who give out those same funds. I get tested for my job and I welcome that test. I do not want to be side by side with someone baked just because they want to be.

  • jim

    I think it's a great idea I think they should be tested for alcohol 99 percent of them are drunks 50 percent of them do drugs then we might not have any politicians. On yes test the welfare please. HOw many times must you br told. Test the access card holders.

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