Cancer fighting 80-year-old grandma inspires 300k+ Instagram followers

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Zach Belden decided to set up an Instagram for his 80 year-old grandmother to document her life as she battled cancer.

He created the account: “GrandmaBetty33.”

More than three hundred thousand Instagram followers later, Betty Simpson has become an insta-hit.

One of her most popular posts shows her dancing to Pharrell William’s song “Happy.”

80 year old Betty Simpson is an Instagram star.

That is most likely what prompted the Grammy-winning star to follow her.

Grandma Betty thinks so highly of her grandson. “He loves me so much, that’s why he did it,” she said. “He doesn’t want to lose me and he’s just good to me.”

Simpson says she feels like a celebrity with each new follower.

Despite the fun and quirky pictures and videos that’s posted, she’s mostly focused on just being with family and living minute to minute.


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