Coroner says Lancaster County is dealing with growing prescription drug abuse problem

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The Lancaster County Coroner says the county is dealing with a growing prescription drug abuse problem. He says in 2013 Lancaster County reported 47 prescription drug –related deaths. Dr. Stephen Diamantoni is the Lancaster County Coroner and a family physician. He says as a coroner he’s seen that number grow. As a physician he’s also seen a growing number of people coming in asking for prescription drugs

“ It raises serious concern but at the same time it’s not a surprise. We never had as many people coming in seeking pain medications as we do today, “ says Dr. Diamantoni
At the Gate House Treatment Facility in Mountville they see prescription drug abuse first hand. Clinical Supervisor Rebecca Hahn says while the drug doesn’t discriminate they are seeing the abuse in the younger population.

“ We are seeing a lot with our younger population out 18 to 24 year olds growing up in an age where these pills are more readily in their loved ones medicine cabinet,” says Rebecca Hahn, The Gate House

Dr. Diamantoni says one of the ways Lancaster County can combat this problem is for physicians to be on the lookout.
“ I think all physicians’ offices need to put together protocols that ensure that the patients they are seeing get treatment. But, provide safeguards for prescription drugs that have high potential for addiction from being abused, “ says Diamantoni


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