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Little girl taken out of school for looking like a boy

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(Fox8) VIRGINIA- A family from Timberlake, Virginia is speaking out after they said their child was discriminated against because of the way she looks.
8-year-old Sunnie Kahle has short hair.
Doris and Carroll Thompson, Sunnie’s grandparents told WSET News, she is a completely normal little girl.
According to WSET News, Doris and Carroll Thompson, who adopted and raise Sunnie, have removed her from Timberlake Christian School after receiving a letter from the K-8 principal.
The letter stated, “You’re probably aware that Timberlake Christian School is a religious, bible believing institution providing education in a distinctly Christian environment.”
Sunnie’s grandparents said the letter went on to say that students are confused about whether Sunnie is a boy or a girl. The letter also stated administrators can refuse enrollment for condoning sexual immorality, practicing a homosexual lifestyle or alternative gender identity and referenced bible verses that back up those beliefs.
An administrator from Timberlake Christian told WSET News, the problem goes far beyond Sunnie’s hair length and that “things disturbed the classroom environment.”


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  • brohdaw

    Okay whether she's going to be homo or hetero (hope that's the right terms lol) doesn't matter…it has nothing to do with her education or the way she likes to dress. Sunnie you do what you want, you dress how you want, you play how you want, and you wear your hair how you want because I was the same way…you could not get me to wear a dress, no pink and no purple, *nothing* that made me look like a girl…it wasn't me and I wasn't going to be girly girl for anyone and like me my parents (your grandparents) were the same way, I was who I was. I would rather be on a skateboard than a pink bike, I'd rather be mowing the grass than inside doing dishes, and I'd rather a truck over a doll any day…didn't make me any less the person I was/am – actually It made me exactly who I am. Today I am pretty much the same way, I now have two boys and they don't have a mom who fuddles with her hair for hours, dresses up and can't play with them for fear of getting dirty, and I can mess back with them the same why they mess with me…they don't have a girly mom and I love it and I think they do too. Nothing, nothing, nothing, (did you hear me? nothing) wrong with being yourself! This school jumped the gun assuming your sexual preference or your sexual identity (just watched a documentary on that) and according to that documentary you are way too young to decide so who are they to claim anything – on top of I'm sure you never told them either way – it does not matter, it is none of their business or not…Christian's have their own way from what I hear, I don't know much about it but you're better off without their prejudice and pre-judgment

  • HIO

    What are these "so called parents" teaching their kids, that's its ok to exclude those that are different, discriminate. Did Christ exclude Mary Magdalene, no he did not. This tomboy should be sought out and brought back into the flock and accepted with all her differences and judge not by her looks, but by the content of their character. I hope the school and parents are not judge as they have judged others, when their time comes.

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