“Pop Tart bill” would protect kids playing with pretend guns

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(OrlandoSentinel) The so-called “Pop Tart” bill, HB 7029, states that students should not be penalized for simulating a firearm with their fingers, on a piece of paper, or — in the case of one Maryland boy who was sent home after biting a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun — a pastry.

Florida lawmakers  took up the measure which has drawn national media attention.

Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, said the bill lays down a layer of common sense protection” to current weapons policies at schools.

And yes, the bill specifically singles out pastries or other food.

Rep. Mark Pafford, D-West Palm Beach, briefly asked Wednesday what happens when “the kid pulls the Pop Tart.”

Baxley said the case was “illustrative” of why the law was necessary to distinguish between “child’s play” and acts of aggression.


  • TonytIiger

    It completely and absolutely ludicrous. To punish a child for something so trivial. I still have memories when I was a kid in kinder garden playing cowboys and Indians. Both boys and girls. The teacher has little cap guns, (no caps) bows and if I remember rubber arrows. Now I'm almost 60 but I can still all of us running around yelling pow pow with the little pistols but I can remember what sound we made with the arrows. As we grew up it turned into cops and robbers. Then by like 9 or 10 is was Army.
    Yes this may have been a different era where there was far less violence in the world but come on! Punish a child for taking bites out of a pop tart until it looks like a gun? Or pointing a finger and making that same pow pow sound? Really? I'm sure someone is going to post something referring to my comment and say who un "PC" I am for saying cowboys and Indians. Give me a break! How about this. Some may remember this game to When I turned 13 a my 16 year old would play army with me too. I would lay down in the battle field and she would blow the heck out of me. Ouch. Uh-oh. That is really going to stir up comments. I can read it now………….. :-)

  • Bill

    Such a shame that children cannot use their imaginations in this day and age. No thinking "outside the box", or just having fun. Those who do are suspended or punished. Such a shame. Last time I looked Pop Tarts were not lethal weapons, nor were paper guns. The education community is not allowing children to use their creativity. For the most part, educators are turning our children into robots, not free-thinking individuals. It's easier for lazy educators to relate to a group of same thinking individuals, so they would rather not meet the needs of a single student who sees or does differently than the group. If this educator behavior continues, we will never see another Albert Einstein, because children are being stifled by the education community. Parents and responsible adults need to make it their mission to stop the unacceptable behavior of educators, not the students. REAL SOLUTION: bring back TEACHERS, oust the EDUCATORS.

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