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Trucker arrested after driving into PSP Jonestown lot, talking about explosives in truck

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A Florida man is in custody after driving his tractor trailer, which he had earlier claimed had explosives inside, onto the lot at the State Police Barracks in Jonestown. Police were first called to Love’s Truck Stop at 22 Old Forge Road, Union Township, Lebanon County, because the driver claimed people were following him. Dany Medina, 25, of Cutler Bay, Florida, could not give police any details about who was following him. Troopers told Medina to call them when he had information. Then Medina told the troopers he was afraid to start his rig for fear of explosives int the truck. Medina refused to pull his truck away from the fuel pumps at Love’s and police were called back 30 minutes later. Troopers told Medina to leave.

At the light at Fisher Avenue, police say Medina turned right from the straight lane, nearly striking on of the state police cruisers sitting in the right turn lane. Medina continued down Fisher Avenue towards Route 72/ two state police cruisers activated their lights and sirens. Medina turned left onto Route 72 through a red light, ignoring the lights and sirens. There was a trooper in front of Medina and two behind his truck as he traveled north on Route 72.  Troopers say Medina tried to pass the trooper in front of him. Then he pulled right into the PSP Jonestown parking lot. He got out of his truck and ran for the front door of the barracks. He was taken into custody at the front door.

The barracks were briefly evacuated because of Medina’s remarks about explosives in the truck. A bomb dog was brought in to check the truck and found no explosives.

Medina is at central booking on charges of recklessly endangering, resisting arrest and terroristic threats.