Woman faked quintuplet pregnancy for months

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(FoxNews)  A Canadian woman who looked very pregnant and said she was carrying quintuplets wasn’t pregnant at all—and her boyfriend is devastated. Only when Barbara Bienvenue, 37, showed up to deliver her babies at a Quebec hospital last week did a nurse inform the man that there was no pregnancy.

“She let me choose the names,” boyfriend Paul Servat, 35, told the Toronto Sun while sobbing. “I lost everything, it was my whole life.” Now she’s receiving psychiatric care and he’s refusing to see her again, CTV reports.

And her family tells QMI it isn’t a first for Bienvenue, with an unnamed relative saying she once said she had leukemia (she didn’t), and an ex-boyfriend claiming she told him she had twins.

Bienvenue first told Servat in September that she was having twins, then triplets, quadruplets, and quintuplets. She even grew a big belly and had morning sickness.

But doctors say she was experiencing a “phantom pregnancy” or pseudocyesis—a rare disorder that gives a woman pregnancy symptoms for months or even years when there’s no baby.

Now Servat plans to return or give away gifts they received thanks to a Facebook page about her pregnancy. “Not only has he lost someone he had fallen in love with, but also … babies who had become his ‘joie de vivre,'” read a post on the now-defunct page.


  • TonytIiger

    I feel really sad for Paul. I can only imagine how much he feels he has lost. Very cruel what this gal did. However I sincerely hope she also get the help she most desperately needs. I'm in now way qualified to say what mental health help Barbara needs. Could it be she feels neglected or starved for attention during her life? Lack of affection can disturb ones mental state. I pray that maybe she can be somehow healed. Maybe Paul could find it in his heart to stand be side her and help her. Take a chance and maybe the love he felt for her can keep them together. Like I said I can only imagine how emotionally confused he must feel. May the good Lord be there the both of them.

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