Topic of the Day: 5-year-old Boy will not be charged with starting deadly fire

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A Pittsburgh prosecutor says a five-year-old boy who police say started a fire that killed his two-year-old cousin cannot be charged with a crime because of his age.  Police say the boy used a lighter to start the house fire.  The prosecutor said the boy has a history of setting fires and gave investigators quote “sufficient information” for them to determine that he started the fire on purpose.  He also says children under ten cannot be charged with homicide.  But Children, Youth and Families is currently evaluating him to start court proceedings and possible remove him from his family.  This is our topic of the day … Do you believe the five-year-old boy should be charged in his cousin’s death?


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  • really?

    Really, the fact that a 5 year old with a history of setting fire had access to a lighter says it all. And what has he witnessed that has made him so angry that his way of dealing with it was to scare his cousin to her death. I don’t know all the facts but seriously. There should be no question as to whether this child should be removed from that household. And the parents should be charged with negligence.

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